CCMS construction apps team recognising the challenges of record capturing and understand the importance of safe-keeping of records have inspired the development of “ConstructionApps4U” to resolve once and for all the “capturing – keeping” challenge. Through the use of “ConstructionApps4U”, Claim Authors will be able to write a comprehensive Claim or Defense based on facts compiled by the site teams.

“ConstructionApps4U” are high quality, user-friendly, unlimited in terms of number of projects they can be used on and, intuitive yet affordable to all. An appealing App for site based Project Managers, Site Managers, Sub-contractors, Architect and all Technical Consultants.



To Globally Encourange Best Practice In Contact Administration & Record Keeping In The Industry
Recognizing The Challenges Of Records Capturing & Safe-Keeping
Designed To Protect Your Company In The Competitive & Conflict Ridden Construction Industry

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Record on a daily basis the following crucial records; weather, site hours, manpower, visitors on-site, operatives on-site, management on-site, plant on-site, issues with materials, accidents and incidents, relevant events arising, add photos all from pre-populated drop down boxes.
Most Construction Contracts clearly state that is Contractor’s responsibility to request the information related to clashes, insufficient information, conflicting information from the Design Consultants. Now there is no need to wait till back in the Site Office, raise and distribute the RFI directly onsite. Add photos showing the clash etc…
Been handed over an area early or late on the programme? May need a record in the future to demonstrate entitlement or defend a claim, confirm when areas are handed over as the works proceed, it makes building as-built programmes so much easier.
Been asked to undertake additional works immediately? Don’t know how to price? Record on a Daywork sheet and issue the record the same day from your device. Record now, let the QS’s argue later.
Most Construction Contracts clearly state that is Contractor’s responsibility to keep written record of the Architect’s Verbal Instruction. Confirm the Verbal Instruction back while onsite and with the Architect, do not wait till back to the site office and forget. Administer the Contract, protect your company and recover your entitlement.

“Either you Pay extra nominal costs or you don’t get paid for your extra work”

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“Construction Claim FAQs” written by a team of passionate industry practitioners and construction experts to provide a set of general guidelines to resolve the challenges in construction projects especially in the post-MCO period.

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